THE UNITY FELLOWSHIP (UF), Henrico, VA was birthed as a vision from God in March 2019 and incorporated May 2019. UF is a Christian fellowship, ministry-plant based in Henrico, VA, (Richmond Metro Area) striving towards intentional, Spirit-filled, intergenerational, intercultural, and interdenominational, praise and celebration, unbridled worship, cross-nurturing, and strategic empowerment of God-ordained men, women, youth, and children for self-less, servant-leadership.

This shall prayerfully be done in-part, by incorporating organic model(s) of holistic individual and organizational development and the facilitation of positive, healthy, and nurturing ‘inter-relational' opportunities and space(s), that are inclusive of all people. We shall concurrently strive for consistent, sincere service and uplift of the community-at-large, whilst encouraging our collective, continual spiritual formation, and undergirding of spiritual and natural liberty.

We hope to do this through a variety of action-opportunities to include a sound exploration of our spiritual natures rooted in God through Jesus Christ. This shall be prayerfully enacted in a sincere spirit of unconditional, Godly Love and demonstrative unity.

Our present affiliations include the Faith Landmarks Ministerial Fellowship and the Church of God in Christ, Inc., Virginia 5th Grace Jurisdiction.