UF is also enabled by an independent, co-established, affiliated Community Development Corporation, ‘Unity Family Life, Cultural & Resource Center’ (UFLC-RC) that is facilitating wrap-around tangible support(s), forums, and resources to bridge gaps that may exist with core, practical living needs, life-skills, education/training, and inner development that transcends generations emphasizing holistic, family-edifying endeavors.

Further resources are facilitated through UFLC-RC’s leveraging of strategic public and private partnerships and subsequent targeted, direct support. UFLC-RC in turn hopes to edify our constituency and the greater community we serve by offering a variety of flexible, faith-based, and transparent programming.

(UFLC-RC) Community Development Corporation

-Strategic Areas of Service-

  • Life Skills, Career and Education
  • Family and Christian Living
  • Children and Youth Development
  • Individual/ Relationship Support and Counseling
  • Culture and Arts
  • Social, Returning Citizen and Environmental Justice

Dr. Sylvia D. Statton, (Ed.D) Acting Executive Director

Contact E-mail: sdstatton@theunityfellowship.com or info@theunityfellowship.com

Phone: 804.420.2206