1. How long is the service? We shall prayerfully strive for a worship experience that typically does not exceed approximately (1) hour, (30) minutes. Exceptions shall be announced and/or if truly Spirit-led. (We are grateful for this season of "virtual presence", connectivity, and limited face-to-face activities in light of COVID and social distancing.)
  2. What about Youth & Kids? We shall hold independent youth-centric and children-focused ministry opportunities during our weekly worship services and through other UF activities. We are encouraging visitors to check their children in and encourage youth through 17 years of age to join these activities that are being prepared and staffed especially to suit their respective life interests. Details forthcoming.
  3. What’s the service like? We are striving for a truly intercultural flavor of praise, celebration, and worship. So, although contemporary praise and worship may be presented, we also celebrate the vastness of God through gospel music, occasional hymns, and various international flavors of Christian celebration.
  4. How do people normally dress? We are truly a "come as you are" body of believers...Absolutely, no dress codes or pretenses here...though we humbly ask for a reasonable level of modesty, in consideration of others, etc.